Our Network and IT Security Rates

We provide several different rate plans to accommodate each client's needs.

  • Flat Monthly Fee
    Service & support that is billed at a flat monthly rate. For many of our clients, this plan provides them with the level of regular supervision of their IT environment that they are looking for, as well as a convenient way to anticipate expenses for monthly budget-planning purposes. Pricing is based on each client's needs and size.

  • Custom Monthly Service Contracts
    Allows our clients to choose the level of support and the amount of hours that best suits their needs.

  • Pre-Purchased Block Hours
    For clients who are not in need of a service contract but would like a reduced service rate.

  • Pay As You Go
    A straight-forward and simple billing option, with no minimums and 15 minute billing increments.


Below are just a few of the services that we offer in a standard service contract: